Elm Creek Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Store is located in Lindsay of the City of Kawartha Lakes


Elm Creek Belgian Handmade Chocolates and Assortments


Almond Bark

We roast our own almonds to get the freshest taste in our Almond Bark. Available in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate. Benefit not only from a flavour treat layered with Cacao taste and the goodness of the nut meat for textured flavour.

Enjoy both complexities and benefit from the health benefits.

Belgian Chocolate.

Almond Rosebuds

Whole roasted almonds in a chocolate rosebud shape coated in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate for a delicious combination.

Belgian Chocolate.

Butter Almond Crunch

White Chocolate with butter almond crunch. The almond lovers delight, a wonderful treat that is also good for you.

Belgian Chocolate.

Butter Crunch

Butter Crunch is a butter brittle centre, crunchy but not hard. The best of both worlds, Belgian Chocolate with satisfying butter brittle flavour layers.

Belgian Chocolate.

Coconut Macaroon

Fresh shredded coconut in a creamy milk chocolate always brings a smile. Coconut lovers rejoice with double the shredded coconut throughout and the garnish adding even more flavour and texture to make this treat unique.

Belgian Chocolate.

Crunchie Bark

Crunchie Bark has pieces of the butter brittle ground up and mixed into chocolate, then made into a bark. Like a skor bar, only better!

Belgian Chocolate.


English Toffee

Great butterscotch flavour. English Toffee is a butter brittle centre (crunchy toffee centre) dipped in milk chocolate rolled in roasted peanuts.

Belgian Chocolate.

Nut & Berry Bark

An all time favourite is our Nut and Berry Bark with roasted Almond and Cashew nuts with Blueberries and Cranberries.  Also available is Cherry Bark in Milk Chocolate and Cranberry Bark in White Chocolate.

At Christmas we usually have a Cranberry Bark in White Chocolate and a Cherry Bark in Milk Chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate.


Pecan Claws

Is it pronounced 'pe-can' or is it 'pe-kan'? Whatever it is called these sweet fresh nut meats are embraced with smooth soft, chewy buttery caramel and coated with the finest Belgian Milk Chocolate. Share with friends.

Belgian Chocolate.

Virginia Peanut Cluster

Smooth with a crunch our popular Peanut Cluster, we call them Virginia Cluster, because we use Virginia Peanuts which are much larger than regular peanuts. If you love peanuts and chocolate this one is for you.

Belgian Chocolate.


Raisin Cluster

Our Raisin Cluster has delicious large raisins and covered with our delicious chocolate in light and dark flavours.

Belgian Chocolate.

Rose Buds

A classic and ever popular Rose Buds in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate.

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