Elm Creek Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Store is located in Lindsay of the City of Kawartha Lakes

Elm Creek Belgian Couverture Truffle Chocolates


Amaretto Truffle

Amaretto, an Italian almond liqueur in a milk chocolate centre. A delicious combination, perfect for an after dinner digestive or a delicious mousse with coffee.

Belgian Chocolate.

Champagne Truffle

Champagne and white chocolate. A Continental treat.

A delicious combination, perfect for an after dinner digestive or a delicious mousse with coffee.

Belgian Chocolate.

Cherry Brandy Truffle

Cherry Brandy milk chocolate centre. A classic bend of distilled wine and fermented cherry juice. Old world mysteries combined from different continents.

Belgian Chocolate.

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate and a touch of alcohol. Smooth and delicious producing a smile every time.

Belgian Chocolate.

Grand Marnier Dark

Grand Marnier milk chocolate centre, orange and chocolate a natural harmony. An orange-flavoured liqueur, with a cognac base creates a Ballroom dance of flavours doing the Tango in your mouth. Orange tang, the citrus tang and savory Cacao in Belgian Chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate.

Irish Cream Truffle

Smooth Irish Cream milk chocolate centre. Tastes of the Green Isle with Belgian Chocolate is pure splendor.

Belgian Chocolate.

Peach Truffle

Peach Schnapps white chocolate centre. Taste the delightful juicy peach fruit with the ambience of Dutch distillation. A delightful treat anytime or an after dinner digestive. A treat your guests will remember and appreciate.

Belgian Chocolate.

Pralines & Cream Truffle

Pralines n Cream white chocolate centre. Vanilla-flavoured mousse with a caramel and praline ribbon flavours. A beautiful 17th-century flavour inspired in France.

Belgian Chocolate.

Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry milk chocolate centre. The name Raspberry is believed to come from 'raspise' a sweet rose-coloured wine. The unmistakable flavour of raspberry charges every bite with pure flavour. Citrusy with mellow sweetness. Unmistakably Raspberry.

Belgian Chocolate.

Rum & Butter Truffle

Rum & Butter white chocolate centre is a sensory delight. The word Rum is believed to be a British slang term for "the best" as in "having a rum time". Inspired by Pirates and Old Colonial rule of the Caribbean, the days of the Tall Ships on the high seas, our flavours of rum and creamy butter with Belgian Chocolate combines the mystique of the Pirates of the Caribbean and "having a rum time" to Colonial sophistication with our delicious Rum & Butter Truffle.

Belgian Chocolate.

Rum Truffle

Our Rum milk chocolate centre delights the palette with exotic flavours of spirits derived from sugar-cane juice or molasses from the 17th-Century. Rum has famous associations with the Royal Navy and Pirates of the Caribbean Now combine it with Cacao beans from South America in the form of "Couverture" Belgian Chocolate you have a true New World experience. It is sure to please Black Beard and the Nobility of the Royal Courts of Europe. Share our Rum Truffle experience with your guests.

Belgian Chocolate.

Strawberry Truffle

Our Strawberry Truffle with white chocolate centre is appreciated for its characteristic aroma, juicy texture, and sweetness. The garden strawberry we know today was first bred in Brittany France around 1740, a combination of species from North America, Chili and Argentina. This culinary treat is sure to please any foodie or botanical lover. Perfect as a digestive or your favorite cordia after a meal. Perfect with coffee or evening tea.

Belgian Chocolate.

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