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Sensual Belgian Chocolate


Elm Creek Chocolates is an old world style chocolatier, a creator of tasty, melt in your mouth, Belgian Couverture Chocolates. Hand made daily with the finest ingredients, our chocolates taste alive with freshness. Blends of natural flavourings and aromas are brought together with a rare smooth taste of exquisite cacao in the form of hand crafted treats. There is passion for every palate, silky smooth milk chocolates to seductive healthy dark chocolates with your favourite centers.


In addition we have sweets for every occasion including Retro Candy, old time treats featuring Candy Sticks, Suckers, Rock Candy, Razzles, and Pixy Stix to name a few favorites. Do you remember Pez? Come in and see our Nostalgic Favorites Collection™.


  • Made fresh daily with the finest quality ingredients
  • Belgium Chocolate and Nostalgic Favorites Collection™
  • Hostess Gifts Gourmet Lines and Speciality Baskets
  • Sugar Free


Our gourmet selections appeal to everyone. Delicious outer chocolate melts like butter to offer up creamy centers for new layers of taste sensation. We put the mmmmm... back into chocolate™.


We have something for everyone and every budget. Come into our shop and experience the finest chocolates and candy the world has to offer.