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Paula Deen's

In Paula Deen's kitchen, no one is a stranger and she likes to keep it that way. As a young girl, she spent countless hours in her Grandmother Paul's kitchen, learning and memorizing the same recipes that still line her dinner table today. They are the kind of recipes that only grandmothers can teach- a pinch of this, a dash of that, and a whole lot of love. Little did she know that it would be these self-same recipes that would turn her into the Queen of Southern Cuisine!

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Dip Chiller
Bistro White

Pure white porcelain, with metallic debossed logo, matches any table setting.


Keeps your dip chilled for hours. Simply place ice cubes in bottom section and fill bowl with your favourite dip, to keep it cool.

Paula Deen's
The Deen Family Cookbook

"Many of the bonds my family has were forged over the dinner table and through the sharing of recipes. Cooking is the way we express our love for one another....


I feel so lucky and blessed by the strong support and wonderful memories -- and the incredible recipes -- that my family has brought me. They are the heart and soul of this book."



Makes a great gift and a practical purchase.


Jug Set Bistro White Hot Chocolate

Includes traditional style ceramic hot chocolate serving jug with handle.


Delectable Dark Hot Chocolate Mix (70 g/2.4 oz) & long handled spoon. Jug holds 650 ml/22 fl oz..

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