Elm Creek Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Store is located in Lindsay of the City of Kawartha Lakes

Sprucewood Handmade Shortbread

We are a young, creative and committed team of foodies who manufacture high quality, small batch, handmade savory shortbread cookies and pure dessert shortbread cookies. Share our passion for fine food and pure flavors.

• Savoury Shortbread • Sweet Shortbread Biscuits

See our boxed chocolate assortment collections.

Brie Brûlés

New Brie Brule! Inspired by the classical French dessert, we have applied the decadence of a crusty caramelized sugary top to warm, silky luxury of baked Brie. The perfect union of two brilliant foods resulting in an appetizer of unparalleled goodness. Available in three incredible flavours


- Chocolate With Fleur De Sel & Hazelnuts

- Honey Orange With Black Pepper

- Caramel & Spice With Almonds


Easy as 1 2 3, just sprinkle, bake and serve


Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Gently scrape off the white rind with a sharp knife until the top surface is clear, leaving the sides and bottom rind intact. Place in Brie Baker and sprinkle with½ a package of Brie Brûlée on top of the cheese for our standard size baker or a full package for our New Party Brie Baker.


Bake uncovered for 15-20 minutes (standard size), 20-25 minutes (party size) or until gently softened and warmed throughout. Immediately, use a small hand-held torch or place the dish under a broiler to form a golden brown crusty top


Dip Chiller Square
Italian Trattoria

The delicious Trattoria collection of seasonings and tableware brings a touch of the Italian country side to your table..

Makes a great gift and a practical purchase.

Dip Baker

Burnt Orange

Piping hot straight from the oven, the richest and tastiest of dips to serve in our extensive line of 2 pc. porcelain Dip Bakers/Servers.


All of our Dip Bakers come with our Leek & Oinion baked dip mix. Our bakers are also convenient as a large Brie Baker, a casserole dish to make dinner for 2 or even for reheating meals in the microwave.

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